Our Story & Values

Over the years, we’ve taken our family business and built it into an expanding enterprise based on our values. Making our customers feel Outrageously Good every day – through every snack and shipment. That’s what keeps us up at night! Our team of flavor fighters work hard to pack every snack with big taste for big smiles.

Our products are made from simple ingredients, processed in batches when you order, and shipped fast and fresh to enhance taste. That’s the kind of dedication that drives our team’s quiet fight against average taste. Taste without compromise is what we strive for daily.

Beyond our high product quality, we believe relationships are just as important. We have built a team that strives to be known for consistency, trust, openness, respect, and honesty in everything we do. We like to bring the human element into every relationship we develop.

Today and for over 70 years, we continue to strive to deliver a smile with every bite. Outrageously Good every day demands it. Our history of repeat sales proves it.

It’s easy to do business with us. Experience Argires Snacks today.

Our Values

Outrageously Good means…

  • taste without compromise where we believe fast + fresh enhances great taste.

  • with great taste we must provide great service.

  • caring about every customer experience, with empathy and honesty, as much as we care about flavor.

  • using wholesome, highest quality healthy ingredients – even though we create indulgent snacks at times. (We give customers permission to go for what they want.)

  • a feeling we want customers to experience, and the feeling we get from giving it to them.

  • tinkering away to always get better, because we are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to delicious.

  • we depend on direct sourcing of the highest quality ingredients to have full control over taste.

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