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Chicago Popcorn Maker Argires Snacks Drops Digital “Popcoin” Art as NFT


Alsip, IL April 1, 2021 – Argires Snacks, the Chicago popcorn underdogs known for their Outrageously Good popcorn and nuts, have dropped their first “Popcoin” as an NFT, bringing their number of cryptocurrency releases to a total of 1.

“Just like every one of our Outrageously Good Cheddarcorn kernels, each Argires Snacks Popcoin non-fungible token packs more cheese per ounce than Ethereum, BTC, and Dogecoin combined” said Argires Snacks President and founder, George Argires.

“Ever since we released our Savory Hot Cheezy Cheddarcorn this year – we’ve been looking for the next hot thing” says Argires. 

While the company has historically been known for its Big Blue Bags sold outside Wrigley Field, they’ve been shaking things up in the midwest popcorn market with flavors like Maximum Munch Caramelcorn, Outrageously Cheezy Cheddarcorn, and their recently released Savory Hot Cheezy Cheddarcorn. They are currently one of the fastest growing shelf stable popcorn brands in the region. 

And now that the company is making its digital debut into cryptocurrency – they hope to spread big taste and big smiles across borders and throughout the value chain.

Argires Snacks’ Outrageously Good products can be bought factory direct online from their ecommerce platform Anuts.com, or on shelves around the Chicago area at Albertsons, Jewel Osco’s, Butera, Pete’s Market and other retailers. Their limited run of 100 NFT “Popcoins” can be purchased from OpenSea or by visiting Argires-Snacks.com/popcoin.

About Argires Snacks

Founded in 1949, Argires Snacks is a family owned, high quality snack processor located in Alsip, IL. The company manufactures ready to eat popcorn, nuts of many varieties, and snack mixes for the entire family.

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Argires Snacks: Outrageously Good Popcorn Brings Sales To Category Through Fun & Indulgence

Argires Snacks is quickly becoming the leader among snack brands. Partner with them to bring their delicious popcorn products onto your retail shelves, micro-market locations, and vending machines. Buyers and distributors can learn more at argires-snacks.com


Alsip, IL, November 6, 2020- Argires Snacks is continually generating good news for its customers and distributors. They now outrank other leading ready to eat popcorn brands in average weekly store  sales.

SPINS data has revealed that Argires Snacks’ Utterly Addictive & Outrageously Good popcorn sales exceed the four largest brands in the Midwest region leading at $189.92 weekly per store.

“We bring you the freshest popcorn, nuts, and snacks – and we get ‘em to you fast from field to table because we believe that fast and fresh enhances the taste,” says CEO of Argires Snacks, George Argires. “That’s why we work our hardest with all of our suppliers to make sure the freshest, healthiest batches are picked for you to enjoy, your way. Business orders are shipped on time and in full when you need them.

By partnering with Argires Snacks, you will find your popcorn sales increase and your snacking customers are happier.  This growth premium is inherent when selling Argires Snacks. Download this Argires Performance Data for validation of the company’s impressive popcorn sales growth at retail.

“Packing our popcorn full of big taste that makes big smiles isn’t just our commitment – it’s our passion,” says Mr. Argires. “We take joy in rolling up our sleeves, focusing on every detail of our products, and finding the most wholesome, healthy ingredients to use across all of our products. We believe in taste without compromise – and we know it takes dedication to deliver it every day. Because nothing beats the feeling of unlocking the delicious potential in new snacks for our customers.”

Over the years, the Argires family business has evolved into an expanding enterprise based on its core values. Their team strives to be known for consistency, trust, openness, respect, and honesty in everything they do.“You can count on our excellent customer service 24 x7. Bring Argires Snacks to your shelves today and unleash Outrageously Good sales performance and snack category growth through big taste and proven partnership!” says Mr. Argires.

Learn more about Argires Snacks and becoming a popcorn partner at argires-snacks.com.

About Argires Snacks:

Founded in 1949, Argires Snacks is a family owned, high quality snack processor located in Alsip, IL. The company manufactures ready to eat popcorn, nuts of many varieties, and snack mixes for the entire family.

Contact Information:

Name: George Argires, CEO
Company: Argires Snacks
Address: 12345 S. Latrobe Ave., Alsip, IL 60803
Phone: 800.837.0100

Website: https://www.argires-snacks.com/

What Makes a Good Vendor-Buyer Relationship?

When starting any new relationship with the vendor, the buyer often assumes the onus in figuring out whether it’s a good match. The reality is that any good vendor-buyer relationship should be a team effort from the beginning.

Certain traits set the tone for a successful venture between a vendor and a buyer. If you want to give your collaboration the best chance of success, prioritize the following characteristics:

1. Great Service

Great customer service never goes out of style. For some companies, though, the term has become something of a commodity that gets tossed around without substance.

So, what should great service look like?

In some cases, it could be listening and learning before responding and reacting. It could be addressing needs promptly or going the extra mile to make the other party happy, even when it’s not in your own best interest.

The key isn’t to deliver service you think is great, but rather create a level of service that people you are serving will remember for all the right reasons.

2. Honesty in Collaboration

Every positive vendor-buyer relationship should be built on a foundation of honesty. It’s not just about providing transparent prices, but also setting the right expectations for service, problem-solving, and commitment.

This leaves no room for excuses or backtracking. Vendors and buyers alike should be mindful when communicating expectations and making promises to the other side.

3. Easy to Work With

Most people don’t have to think too hard of a time when a company was difficult to work with. Rigid policies, lack of accessibility, and other obstacles can severely stifle a relationship. And when one party wants out, the other side suffers, too.

The most successful vendor-buyer relationships are fluid and dynamic. They function like a well-oiled machine with little friction, if any.

Each side is easy to work with in terms of getting answers to questions, negotiating terms, and helping the other party achieve their goals.

4. Speed and Efficiency

Responsiveness is key in any relationship. Vendors and buyers alike prioritize speed and efficiency to ensure they don’t keep the other party waiting.

Each wants to make the relationship easier on the other. The shared goal is to keep business (and the relationship) moving forward.

5. Growth Oriented

The purpose of any vendor-buyer relationship is growth.  It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that will ideally lead to higher revenue for both sides.

As a result, being growth-oriented should be a priority. This allows each side to explore new opportunities to expand their reach and strengthen the partnership.

How to Start a Strong Vendor-Buyer Relationship

There’s no doubt that product profitability is an important consideration when vetting vendors, but money isn’t the end-all factor.

A successful vendor-buyer relationship should ultimately benefit both parties. When both sides can walk away winners, you’re more likely to build on each other’s successes and contributions.

At Argires Snacks, we take our vendor-buyer relationships very seriously and have staked our success on that of our partnerships. Reach out to learn more about what we can bring to your business.

What Is Operational Excellence and Why Should Buyers Care?

If you run a business, then you’ll know that there’s always at least one area of the company that can be improved.

Sometimes change can occur through a major plan or a total upheaval within the brand. But usually, change occurs over time.

Operational excellence is a key example of this kind of change. Wondering “what is operational excellence”? We’re here to explain all.

What Is Operational Excellence?

Are you wondering what the operational excellence definition is?

Operational excellence is a management philosophy in business. This philosophy helps to keep companies and their staff members improving efficiently. This, in time, results in more revenue and lessens risk and cost.

The aim of a well-executed and planned operational excellence strategy is to surpass customer expectations. Operational excellence does this by improving business processes and culture.

Each employee can notice the flow of value to the customer and can tend to that flow before it breaks down. So, operational excellence is crucial for keeping customers happy.

Operational Excellence vs. Continuous Improvement

It’s easy to confuse operational excellence with continuous improvement, but the two terms are different.

Continuous improvement refers to the on-going efforts and plans to boost a brand’s processes, products, or services. Continuous improvement usually occurs over time, rather than immediately through breakthrough innovation.

By working for continuous improvement, a company is more likely to maintain and build its advancements. But, while continuous improvement is important for business, it isn’t enough alone.

As a business continues to improve its process, product, or service, it requires a way to continue to grow. This is where operational excellence is introduced.

Operational excellence, in comparison, is a mindset that puts forward specific principles and tools. This manifests a sustainable improvement within a brand.

Putting it more simply, operational excellence is achieved when every staff member of a team understands and sees the flow of value to a customer.

Each team member should help to improve the value, as well as its delivery to ensure customer happiness. Operational excellence isn’t just about saving money and boosting productivity in a workspace.

It involves producing a company culture that helps everyone create valuable products and services for customers. It also helps to reach long-term sustainable growth.

Operation excellence is an ongoing journey that involves applying specific resources to suitable processes. When this is effective, a successful work culture helps staff members feel empowered and motivated.

The Importance of Operational Excellence

Well done, now you know the answer to “what is operational excellence?” If you run a business, the importance of operational excellence is crucial to keep in mind. This is so you and your staff members work towards a better and more successful work environment and process.

Here at Argires Snacks, we understand the value of operational excellence in a business. If you’re interested in learning more about our business and how we operate, discover our brand and our principles here.

What Role Does Taste Play in Repeat Sales?

When you go grocery shopping or out to eat, what is the most important purchasing factor? Every consumer is motivated by something different. Some are looking for high-quality ingredients, while others are solely interested in taste.

According to one survey, roughly 93% of all American consumers prioritized taste in their decision-making process. That should come as no surprise. Who wants to eat something that does not taste good?

Read on to learn what role taste plays in repeat sales? Explore how to create repeat customers by emphasizing taste and quality.

Word of Mouth

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. You go shopping at the grocery store and find a delicious product line.

What is going to be your next move? Of course, you are going to tell a friend or family member about it.

In today’s day and age, you are going to hit social media with the news. Perhaps this involves taking a picture and sharing it on Snapchat or Instagram. Some people will choose to write a recommendation on Facebook and tell everyone in their network about a new snack.

Now, consider some of the social media posts you have seen about food. While sometimes people comment about a cheap price, the primary focus is usually on taste. People are less likely to recommend a product that is unhealthy or does not taste good.

Free Samples

You may be wondering how we know that great taste and repeat customers are linked together. The answer lies in the successful results of free samples.

Major retailers like Costco have been giving out free samples for years. Why would they incur additional expense by giving out products for free?

The reason that retailers do this is that free samples lead to sales conversions. In one study, up to half of all customers who tried a free sample ended up purchasing it.

That means that they tried a snack and enjoyed the taste. The customer determined it was worth purchasing it because it tasted so good.

Online Shopping

In the last five years, online shopping is one of the major developments in the grocery industry. Consumers can download an app and select their items from the convenience of home. The coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated this trend. Consumers can shop in the safety of their own homes.

It is a lot harder to browse the aisles and randomly select products from the couch. Instead, online consumers are more likely to select the items they enjoy. Knowing that a snack tastes good is going to lead to them purchasing it repeatedly. Some grocery apps allow users to save favorite items so that they can easily add them to their cart.

How Taste Creates Repeat Customers

Great taste is the answer to how to get repeat customers. This hypothesis was proven by free sampling conversions and online shopping data. Also, consumers are less likely to recommend a snack on social media if it does not taste good.

If you want to learn more about how great taste creates repeat customers, contact us today to speak with our sales team.

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