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An Outrageously Good line of snacks for your shelves.

This is what it’s all about – our Argires Snacks Flavor Fighters work ‘round the clock to create the most delicious, wholesome snacks that quickly become an addictive favorite.

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Argires Snacks Popcorn


Our farm fresh popcorn is Non-GMO and straight from the farm. We coat our premium Outrageously Cheesy Cheddarcorn with more cheese per oz. and our made-from-scratch caramel corn with more caramel coating than most regional and national brands. With just one bite you (and your customers) will be hooked. Let us send you our timeless flavors, and you can see for yourself!

Argires Snacks Nuts

Simple Fresh Sourced Nuts

Nuts are the ultimate healthy, wholesome snack, and are packed with plant-based protein. Our shelled (no shell) nuts are roasted for Big Flavor. You get to choose raw, roasted (no salt) or salted. We specialize in a variety of in-shell nuts year round. We’re not a tough nut to crack! Reach out and we’ll find the right solution for you.

Argires Snacks Nuts
Argires Snacks Nut Mix

Nut Mix Snacks & More

Meet the perfect trail mix – always ready for grab-and-go. When the holidays come around, our mixes make for a delicious gift. See how we can provide a healthier, wholesome snacking option.

Inshell Tree Nuts for the Christmas Holiday Season

Get ready for the season with our inshell tree nuts if you are looking for ways to boost your holiday sales. We offer our inshell nuts in modern, colorful and impactful retail packages for domestic and export sales. They come in different sizes and will surely be in demand in stores everywhere.

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